Composite resin is a filling material designed for aesthetic dental restorations. It is made to resemble the colour of your natural tooth, composite is used for filling cavities or for bonding front teeth.

Composite consists of glass or quartz fillers added to a resin medium, which produce a tooth-coloured filling. The invention of composite resin offers a substitute to the amalgam dental fillings we’ve grown so accustomed to. This plastic and glass mixture contains no metal and can be shaped to resemble a real tooth. Onlookers usually cannot tell that a tooth has even been filled!

Although composite resin has only recently gained popularity, white fillings were originally introduced in the 1960s. At that time, composite consisted of a different material, and was not sturdy enough to be used on back teeth. The first composite fillings tended to wear down easily, subjecting the tooth to even more tooth decay or breakage. It has taken years of development for scientists to find the right mixture of composite resin and justify it as a safe, effective filling material used today.

Currently, with today’s composite filling materials, there is no longer need for amalgam (silver) fillings, even on the back molars.  If you have questions about our materials, please call us today!