Sportguards are an excellent way to prevent serious injury to the teeth when participating in contact sports.  Often times a quick puck, ball or elbow to the face can crack, break or knock out a tooth. A guard can help brace the teeth and minimize their injury.  Professional athletes in all the major sports currently use sportguards to help prevent injury.  The days of every NHL player giving a gap toothed grin are quickly dwindling.  In fact, you often cannot watch a game on TV without seeing Steph Curry or Patrick Kane chewing on their sportguard.  If your child is participating in high intensity sport, we recommend you ask our dentists if it would be appropriate for a sportguard.

Nightguards are typically for adults who grind or clench their teeth while sleeping.  If you have symptoms such as tightness of the jaw muscles or neck, tenderness of the teeth or soreness of the jaw joint, you may be wearing away at your teeth without even knowing it.  Typically, a habitual grinder will know they are doing it or have a characteristic wear patterning of their teeth from long term wear of the teeth.  The acrylic of the nightguard helps allow the jaw to move freely at night time while still preventing damage to the teeth.  If you believe you may be wearing your teeth or have some of the above symptoms, book an appointment and discuss it with your dentist!